About Us

Our Approach

One day at a time, one Business, Home Office IT Department at a time we take aim at your end result and do not stop until we have accomplished your vision.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours is very unique. With roots in Alabama and Seattle we have performed for some of the top companies in the world. We challenge ourselves to understand and know the pitfalls before starting toward the finish line.

Meet the Team

To be good at what you do in life you must have passion. Money is only important for paying the bills and after that it means nothing. The human element and caring for your community is what is important to us.

Faith, Family, Job

Kelley Dean


“In life I find that the simple virtues are the ones that carry you through.”

James Dean

Service Technician

“Love, Faith & Hope is my motto. Let the world find peace and always love your family.”

Timothy Barrett

Key Account Manager

“Being with my family and children is the wonder of this world for me.”

Charlie West
Board Member
“You can believe in something or nothing, it is your choice. I belive in you.”

Next Steps…

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